Cognitive DissonanceI’m not comfortable with this post. It has no purpose other than to cause cognitive dissonance.

But then, that’s a worthy aim, if one considers that love of painful thoughts is accepting the heartbreaks that allow for mind joy.

Global warming isn’t bad.

It is sudden, but it happened extremely before us, and this time also it won’t stress evolution.

Persistent chemicals such as those produced from burning Teflon will. Hormone mimicking chemicals will. Ozone holes might. If evolution can fill the vacancies of fallen canopy trees with something different, change is not bad.

Bad is not change, or extinction. Even of us. Irreversable retrograde is bad. Progress is no myth. Progress is no myth.

Life on Mars died out altogether. Extinctions, even mass extinctions, are not bad. Unless you feel that earth would be better populated by the alligator and horseshoe crab type peoples. Pterodactyls should be reborn, for my fancy.

But then, we have to widen and consider that evolution stopped over here is not evolutiondissonance.jpg stopped. Are there planets and places where intelligence flourishes beyond our limits? Places peripheried by black hole horizons that lead to more more.

If my Dad died, I’d be changed by loss. If the frogs lost, part of me would feel finished. Is that bad? Was it bad what led to us?

P.S. Perceptions want to cohere. Is there rhythm in the above? Words want beat. Enlightenment might be the best we can do. As in making the widest possible aware picture from our mind movements, adding jazz to words while being horny and peaceful.