drunk_grandpa.jpgI wouldn’t want to undermine a new public policy with discussion or debate. Being a dissident is being anti-social; nearly criminal. Subversives are like cockroaches and communists – stamp em out before they get out of hand.

A twenty four year old westerner is expected to have enough personal character to be seen as an individual. You can see how Thai’s are more family oriented, a nation of Mama’s boys and twenty somethings asking for permission to stay out late. The sense of individual self blooms late, if at all.

And this is reflected all the way up to the government, which sees it’s role to be Paternal – to tell the individuals how to be good social actors, what is appropriate, what is not. It is natural for Government officials to see their role this way, as they are enmeshed in this sense that morals come from Parents. The state could instead foster education and free creative thinking, trusting that an individual given all good will come to their own good choices, and that bad choices and the ability to make them are a necessary evil to personal and social growth.

I doubt the law will have real world impact on alcohol availability.

The legal drinking age in Canada is 18, and the penalties for selling to minors is stiff. The only difference that makes in Canada is that you won’t see people under the age of 18 drinking in pubs. Canadian teens guzzle and toke with gusto.

And I can’t imagine Thai mom and pop shop owners strictly carding their customers.

It’s an arrogance if officials at the top think they can legislate alcohol consumption. Look at societies real world actions towards the police. Do they look to the law and the police as a good parent that should be obeyed? Or do bar owners keep lookout mice posted to watch for the cat?

It is the character of the young to think that they know more than their elders, that they know what is best for them.

I have never heard of any society, modern or historic, living in forest or city, that did not know that sweet liquids ferment, and regularly drink what makes them feel better.

Something that makes you feel better, even if it has negative consequences, can not be controlled by laws – especially abstinance only laws.