I like the challenges that come from being a loser. I prefer that I often don’t dress with a keen fashionable eye, and that I often only have just enough money to get by. I even prefer that I’m not handsome – most women go so far as to call me ugly.

I prefer it this way because it re-defines the rules of engagement. No one is after me for money or looks. That makes things at once much harder, and much easier. Clears the table of games I don’t want to play, clears out people who have priorities that are not in line with mine.

Yes, we have to eat. Eating is easy. The basics that we need money for are no longer the reason we need money. We mostly use it for rank, and it isn’t worth the effort.

I agree that money is a big part of male/female relationships, and think that it usually remains so even in relationships where the women works and is not financially dependent. I think it is part of the human condition. As long as money is not #1 priority, I’m happy including it as part of the structure of a relationship. Money is important, but if it is the most important, then I can’t get no satisfaction.

As long as self esteem is tied to social status, and as long as social status is tied to personal power and posessions, you can’t take money out of the equation. The main purpose for money is to show rank.

Food and shelter are very easy to take care of. Men work for rank, because women tend to go for the highest ranking guy they can get.

Very few people have outgrown their fascination with wealth.