Most people in all countries are somewhat racist. But I also think that one person can be more racist than another person, and one culture can have more of these more racist people than another culture.

We have to careful about reverse racism also. If there is really nothing wrong with Thais, then there is also nothing wrong with us. But that would be very arrogant, to think there is nothing wrong with us. So there must also be things wrong with Thais. And if you respect that they have a unique and different culture, you should respect that what might be wrong with them may be different than what is wrong with us.


I just spent 10 minutes waiting for the crashed computer to reboot. Killer instincts that reach back millions of years became modernized as I imagined picking up the PC and hurling into the center of the internet cafe, splintering the CPU into pieces, and then splintering the dead pieces even more.

Kill it until even the dead is dead. Phew.

Ok. Through the creative art of the above paragraph, perhaps I reclaimed some of the time the PC stole from me – many of you read the above (all of you?), and so I have multiplied.

More simple irrefutable logic – just a repeat – if any one person can be different than any one other, and if people are at least slightly affected by their fellows, it follows that there will be societies, cultures, that are different.

If societies and cultures are different, they are not the same but different, they are different. Different means different.

All over the thaivisa forum are the weak pimply pox presentations that a person should not generalize. A TV screen generalizes, from pixels, to form a picture. Pictures are different. Societies are different. Each pixel is different, and each pixel beside a contrasting pixel forms a picture.