I think there is a divide amongst people, amongst our style of organizing ideas.

There are those who learn truth through understanding moral rules, and struggling to be a true person within moral rules. And there are those who learn truth through examining all details of experience, and trying to find patterns in them.

When what is good has more fundamental truth than what is experienced, the cognitive dissonance will occlude the impertinent data. Conversely, when what is experienced is more fundamental than any sense of goodness, we can be nihilist sensation hungry animals lacking insight. Only when in the world of experience we find value can we make useful comments.

People who do not want to say bad things about Balinese are biased against facts, because they aim for a higher moral goodness.

People who can only bitch and moan are biased against the human condition having a real direction and aim.

But some of us are both and neither, and can both bitch and moan and pray.

My prayer is to see accurately, as I have some trust that no matter what I see, if it is seen accurately, will be holy.