Women of any class tend to have financial expectations, and the higher the class, the higher the expectations. Women rarely marry down.

Men and women get points in various categories. Looks, social class and power (includes finances), personality, sexual chemistry being of chief importance. Men are more likely to prioritize in the order of looks, sexual chemistry, personality, social class, while women are more likely to prioritize in the order of social class and power, personality, looks, sexual chemistry.

An older man with average looks and finances who wants an attractive young mate will have to trade off some qualities in order for the deal to be fair, and so he can only attract a young and attractive mate from a lower class. Thai people are generally less educated than their western counterparts in the “same” class, and Hollywood and financial exchange rates and other global social ranking scales tends to place us in a priveldged position.

So an older western man of average looks and personality and western income can find a young attractive Asian woman who feels she got a fair bargain. I’d think that the same man would have to compromise on youth and beauty if he wanted someone with a western quality education and from a family of several generations of the same social class.

I agree that we need to look very carefully at how a mates class and upbringing and education affects our quality of life.

Agreeing that there are various factors that we have in a mate, and that we can only trade off on these , and can’t attract a mate above our own value, we have to then be honest about just how much youth and looks affects our quality of life. I feel much more alive living with a mate with whom I have tremendous sexual chemistry. Of course if I trade off all meaningful conversation and shared spiritual explorations there will be a lack and a yearning. But given the choice of a strong passion and great conversation, from experience I know which satisfies me more.