I’m from a time and place that didn’t teach me that a suit was a status symbol. My environment taught me that the suit is worn by a kind of blue collar class – the working slave class – and that if you are truly wealthy and command employees, you can chose your own attire. The dot com entrepreneurs were rich enough to NOT wear a suit.

It seems to me that after a society has spent some time with affluence, people are no longer scrambling for food, or shelter, or transportation. Then we find ourselves scrambling for signals to show status. And then we find that the symbols themself are a kind of yoke, that we became enslaved by. It seems to me that true material success is being free from the need for these symbols. What makes us happy? Good food, good company, a nice environment, freedom from want or fear.

A suit and a pen, to me, is not a status symbol I want to show. I wouldn’t want to attract someone attracted to it.