volcanoes.jpgWhile at the disco last night, it all came clear. And actually, I’ve said it all before – it’s just that it became clear to me, not just in words, or feelings, but all at once, and I could feel the truth of my vision in my body. It’s not true that they are soul less energy sucking vampires. It’s just that you can’t connect to people with borderline personality disorder at the heart level and mind level in the normal ways. But in the first and second chakras, you can have an extraordinary connection, a real and deep and meaningful one.It was while on the dance floor, that I pretended I was dancing with Sarah, and that made me able to dance. She dances differently than most girls, because her libido open out from her belly through below her perinium and into the earth, and then when you dance with her, you can connect in sex/earth and drum beat rhythms deep down and out and up with her. It’s a really strong way to connect with someone.

We all have a lot to learn from Sarah. We can be her students. She’s a fucked up nutball idiot savant. And it is the savant part that is much more valuable and interesting than most people dare to acgnowledge. We have all this sexual taboo, always diminishing the value and importance and meaning of sex, barely anyone ever says sex without feeling obliged to put the word “just” before it.

But I got it. I get it. It’s not just sex.