I am trying to build up words and theories to better explain energy work and chi-kung.

Basically I think that the kinesthetic sense, the personal felt visualization of one’s body can be very refined, and mixes with our emotions as well, such that we can feel the emotion of sadness in the location of the heart. But since prana and apana also flow in our mind and body and universally, this kinesthetic visualization can be shared between people. We can touch their heart and feel it, or send messages, through our refined prana to them.

I’ve discovered that strong patterns of energy can be made habits through sex. That is how I woke up kundalini upward prana, starting from the base of the spine. I know very strongly what it feels like to blow prana out the top of my head and to feel that blissful upward energy and to have it activate the higher chakras. I now also know very strongly what it feels like to have very strong apana bring energy into the belly or below the perinium or below the feet. The habit of very strong apana is easiest to set up with sex, I’m sure, as is strong upward spinal prana. I’m not sure if the apana is as easy to teach with simple verbal instruction, as for me it was discovered largely as a sympathetic resonance with a lover who had very strong apana. But if it can be taught, I think the key will be anal sex.

I’m wondering if when we push our hands together to make a chi ball, usually while breathing out, if this compressive force is each hand pushing out prana, much like we can push out prana from the top of our heads. And when we pull our hands apart and make that vacuum between them, isn’t that just apana, from each hand. Apana is associated with the inbreath also.

It seems there may also be two ways to mix prana and apana. One is by creating a tension between the two, for instance by focusing above the head and below the feet at the same time, and then allowing a spark to form between them, at a location of choosing – easiest in chakras.

Another is to push both prana and apana into the same area. For instance let the upward spinal force rise in waves to the third eye chakra, while at the same time letting apana frow to there from the crown chakra, or just let apana drag down in that area. Apana can actually start anywhere. I’m still experimenting with this second one – to close the gap and make them spark mixed is a very specific feeling, not the same as having them milling about together.

In my experience now, I’m less afraid of sending energy out the top of my head, as I notice that I always have strong apana, where before I had nearly none, that I was aware of. So at the same time as the rising prana bliss, there is this dragging down, dragging down.

I think there are also two ways to sleep – when we are very ill we have no energy to spare even to think, and we rest in a deep slumber that I think is very low chakra or even below the feel dragged down by healing earthy apana, but if we are well and have a strong boyant mind, we can explore with prana out and wide, as if out the top of our heads.

Along with these two main pranic forces, there is of course sympathetic resonance. For instance we can feel the center of our palms warm and glowing with the fire of our heart, as if the three areas are connected, and each in and out breath also pulses as fullness and vacuum.

So for now, this is my scaffold on which i will attempt to place all the various aspects of chi-kung and energetic healing – these building blocks of:
1) The kinesthetic visualization system which sends feedback loops into the body and can incorporate all aspects of mind, especially emotion, but also very fine messages – even smell can be sent through chi – as can love of course, but also divinity recognition.
2) Sympathetic resonance within a system

3) That chi is not localized – people can share it, and sympathetic resonance can happen between people.
4) The different types of prana – prana and apana, and the other 3, but the first two being the most outstanding and used for power. The are like the polar ends of a magnet, and are everywhere, and we can build up huge resonant visualizations of chi, especially through our natural pathways and chakras, but ultimately we can even build up pathways and habits, or project chi onto objects.
5) Prana and apana can, under unnatural and rare circumstances, spark
together, and this is felt as a powerful sort of fiery explosion of bliss, a great expansion of consciousness – if we do it seeing the spark in someone elses eyes we will quickly see god and be overwhelmed with love bigger than any containment.

Slowly, I’m trying to piece together various other parts of the puzzle, especially developmental aspects and how rational and post rational mind and chi interact.