I know that in sex I can get energy from the woman for fucking. I can do that, somewhat with Arie – I am finding our passion, or voltage, and can use that as my power. But when she comes, it all dissipates. Funny, how that is different with different women. It is chi-kung, what happens in sex, so of course it will be quite different. But I don’t know how to not dissipate when she comes. She comes more like Jolie – as a release that evaporates. Not like a Sarah that is a tunnel to a volcanic power. Fucking Sarah while she comes only makes me stronger and stronger, filled up with the most intense – mind and body blowing intense power. Fucking Arie when she comes very quickly deflates me. But keeping her just at the edge of coming works perfectly for both of us. We mix and mingle and find power there, no dissipation, only increase.

Arie has a good strong sex drive and powerful sex. How could she know that compared to Sarah, she is a glass of water against a japanese theme-park wave pool?

As I mentioned before, who I’m physically attracted to is narrowing and narrowing. That scares me a bit. It just makes a huge difference to my sex drive and sex life if the girl is my type and there is a chemical reaction between us. When younger I would date and love and have great sex with women in their 30s and 40s. Now I’m exclusively interested in twenty somethings. It’s not just a choice or preference. Grandparents and old folks get a kick out of hanging around with the young. There are some arcane Tibetan chi practices for the old to drink energy from the tongues of young girls. Its as if the youth have all this extra fire and spark, and abundance of it, and us old folks can get a bit of it from them. When young, i had plenty of spark to spare. Now, when I fuck, I use the energy of the woman also – and a young fiery woman makes me stronger and more alive and passionate. I mix with her belly and we mix our fire when I fuck, and there is this organ of heat in my belly that gives and received – I feel it very strongly, in fact I feel a fire in my belly all the time. But nowadays, I burn very specifically for a narrower and narrower range of women – no longer for every single woman in the world.