It seems some things just don’t squeeze into either plans or memory. Like sex. Lately I’ve been lucky enough to be having very fantastic sex, and it is only during such sex that I have access to remembering other incredible sex. I recall hearing that this intuition that memories are most accessible to similar mind states where they were formed has been validated with large scientific studies. Incredible blasts of energy during sex happens to me frequently, but when I’m again ordinary joe, what that feels like can’t be recollected fully, only the words that describe it can, and those words are hardly the same as a real recollection.

Two mornings ago I was very pleased. During very intense sex, I was able to not come by bringing the energy in a big ball below my perinium, below my feet. It was intensely powerful chi kung. Wow. Then I even managed to let that ball stay in my 2nd chakra for a while. Such sweet, powerful, loving sex energy. Keeping it there is usually too dangerous if there is quite so much of it and it has that sweet feeling, as an orgasm can quickly follow. But, on that occasion, control came easily and even that very high wattage was manageable. This morning for some reason I was more mortal, and could not as easily have the energy move below my perinium, nor bear so much in my 2nd chakra, and after 40 minutes or so came, exhausted. Still, all in all quite incredible sex, and encouraging. I see more clearly the direct link between mindfulness practice, chi-kung, and the magical fantastic workings of sexual energy. It takes some mental stability to handle the high wattages and not have them scatter or be entirely habitual, and when there is stability and ease, inspired magic can happen. I’m used to all of that with energy rising above the 2nd chakra, and even used to being able to handle more and more energy in the body, spine, and nerves, but letting it drop below the perinium with such high intensity is only recent – that’s what I keep going on and on about. Sorry that I can’t seem to shut up about that, but to me it’s a big deal, so I can hardly help but to mention it.