Sarah told me last night that when she gets horny now she has a strong feeling of wanting to sneeze. I told her that is Kundalini, and it happens because her energy is attuned to mine, and that mine is usually on fire going up my spine. I told her I could open hers up for her if she wanted, but that it would be better just to let it happen inside herself at her own pace. I figure for now she is getting contact highs, but that soon enough, if not already, her fire will be a force of it’s own. She says she’s open to the idea of having her kundalini burn. I did my best to explain the history of mine awakening, the stories of people I know who work with kundalini and healing chi, and she seemed attentive but not captivated. Nonchalant. She says, ya sure, that would be fine. I once learned a type of healing at a weekend workshop from a very accomplished Jew/Zen Energetic healing teacher. Profound and fun guy. He taught to see divinity as the method. No moving energy. Just see divinity. One long time student and practitioner who studied with Demeris now only uses his method. It was very powerful, and profound. One lady described her experience of a group healing, then pointed to two women whom she saw and felt with her eyes closed as glowing and pouring out love to her. They were the two senior students and long time practitioners of his. Anyway, I think I’m “cooking” Sarah. I look at her with intense love, and I fuck her intensely, and I’m cooking her. She is really changing. I respect that she believes in love.

She is not a materialistic woman, and that is rare in any country. She chose an old guy with no money who her friends told her is ugly, who her family advise her against because I’m poor, because of love, and it is cooking her and she is changing. Several times a day guys hit on her and women tell her to look around and marry a rich handsome guy, and she just laughs at them. Got to respect her values.