Most people nowadays are advocating a gentle approach to opening energy – being slow and steady for years, but there are still a few old school folks who advocate for the huge blasts to get things started. Like taking acid to discover the value of meditation. I used to blast people a bit, but I wasn’t that powerful at it and when it was felt powerfully it was disorienting to newbies. Energy work is gentler and probably better and more effective and lasting in the longer term. But kundalini rushes and sex – highly recommended. Don’t make my mistake and blow it out your head though. That method is taught, and is quick and dirty and powerful, but it can be damaging if done too much. Wilber talks about translation versus transformation. Do you have a feeling for what more you want out of your sex life with Larry? More of the original passion? Or a deepening of experiences? Or something unknown that might be calling to you? Sex is directly tied to Kundalini experiences, and that is one step closer to Soul experiences, which are one step closer to divine experiences, which are sort of closer to non dual. It’s all right there. But new positions or partners won’t move one closer to any of that. If the two of you get kundalini burning, you’ll know it – there is no mistake – and it will change your life and your conception of life. I’m pretty sure Sarah is going to burn. She already regularly has Kundalini experiences, and did from near the beginning of our sex. Spinal shivers, a five minute orgasm independent of my being inside her, routinely several orgasms lasting for at least a minute, and a steady fire burning all the way out from her eyes from the love that is suffusing her. I’m pretty sure that within six months to a year I can show her how to really burn. That intense beyond the differentiation between pain and bliss extacy that burns up the spine and throughout the body and into the lovers body, and has tendrils reaching into unknowable directions. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s a fire woman with no fear. She can do it.… Shaktipat seems to have been a 60s and 70s thing. Slower and more gentle and emphasizing the divine and non-dual over power is more in vogue. But not to knock power. Power is very useful. And divine too, of course. But to me, that is what sex is. Not positions or partners. Power, becoming divine, and hopefully even becoming timeless and spaceless. You can’t get there from here though. So communing with those who have been there works, for the minority of those that can learn these esoteric secrets. You are an intensely powerful and sexual woman, and it would be a tragic waste for you to spend sexuality entirely in the common, bodily centered ways. I rarely talk about kundalini, but it is not rare for me to be totally buzzed. I am fairly buzzed right now. No drug provides as pleasant a thrill, or as powerful a one. I hear that ecstasy is a bit similar in that it promotes a tangible unity feeling. Kundalini can be very specific in how it is tangible and the ways it unifies. Unifying from the belly for mates, the heart for humanity, above the head for soul level unity, and in other ways that are more difficult to wrap in words as they are beyond inside and outside