Generally my opinions about just about anything are put into the framework of human psychological and spiritual development. This is to say that people can be categorized as broadly falling into developmental levels among several developmental categories. Some people are stuck at the emotional development of a 10 year old. There are developmental stages of intellectual growth as well, and those that study this show that over 50% of people have a very hard time thinking logically and tend instead to prefer to let their emotions or preconceptions choose their logic. And so on. This has broad implications for what trust can be placed in market forces and in open democracy for shaping our present and our future. People are generally stupid and unfit for the power that we wield.

I don’t really blame politicians or corporations for the sad state of things, and I don’t really think that if we simply re-adjusted power back into the hands of the people that the common good would be better served. I tend instead to think that we sheeples are too stupid to herd ourselves, and that we need a merit based elite to help shape our regional and international policies. I also feel that democracy is not a right but a priveledge that people should have to qualify for. At present votes can simply be purchased with fluffy emotion driven TV ads, so big money purchases big power. If people had to show some understanding of issues in order to qualify for the right to vote, perhaps there would be a bit more intelligence in the system. In a word, meritocracy.

The system is broken because we fail to acknowledge how it works. Yes, we have some understanding of corruption and the checks and balances required to minimize it, but we fail to recognize that not everyone has the capability or interest to partake in the system of checks and balances, and that those at the bottom can easily be co-opted by those in power to perpetuate power. Democracy has been and will continue to be purchased, unless democracy is conditional upon merit.