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Dilating your pupils at will, with Desmont Morris

Posted by xsplat on November 30, 2013

Below is a repost, with relevant video from Desmond Morris

The advantage to learning to be emotionally open and capable through practices such as deliberate romance, improvisational music, chi-kung, bodhicitta generation and group socializing is that you can learn to feel love at will, which will dilate the pupils.

This has a large influence on the person you are talking to. It can make them open up emotionally very fast.

When combined with displays of creativity, interpersonal and social ease and respected dominance, large pupils are hypnotic.

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One Response to “Dilating your pupils at will, with Desmont Morris”

  1. avd said

    SLR camera aperture designs are based upon pupils. They regulate the amount of light permitted to reach the film. To allow more light to enter, open the aperture wider, for longer.

    For two decades I’ve been acutely conscious of the pupil dilation level of humans with whom I interact, especially females, but also in business, etc. Stupidly, it never dawned on me, until X’s recent posts, to consider the dilation of my own pupils. I have been told by MANY females that they lose themselves in my eyes, that they feel as if I am peering into their innermost places, that it makes them feel connected in a way that they get nowhere else. I was told this last night, actually.

    I always interpreted those comments as meaning that I have a very strong inner fire that comes out through my eyes. X now has me contemplating my interpretations.

    Unlike human-built machines, perhaps the pupils of organisms are bi-directional, allowing not just for light to penetrate the optic nerve, and hence the nervous system, but also allowing light to flow from inner to outer, to affect the nervous systems of those in one’s presence.

    I’ll definitely be experimenting with this.

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